Our alumni are now working in organisations across the creative industries including the BBC, Warner Music, Wavemaker and Lush Digital

Since we launched in 2014, we've matched over 180 young people with professionals across 50+ creative companies.

12% CMN Students Alumni work in full-time positions in the creative industries at or

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"Mentoring for me has been an eye-opener. While my mentee has gained a better understanding of the industry today, I feel he's shown me what it might be tomorrow."

Jagmit, Tech Lead at Tribal

Momina, 17, Newham 


“With the new connections I've made, I feel much more confident and excited about starting my career.”


Meet our Mentors and Mentees:
The CMN Alumni

>> Meet The CMN Alumni

Rasheka | Mentee | Holloway

"Vickie took time out to talk to me. I did some production work experience she helped me get. After CMN, I got a job at Warner Music."

Janelle | Mentee | Hammersmith

"Tom really helped me with my communication. Now I feel much more confident talking about my ideas with people I don't know."

Momina | CMN Collective

"At school you get taught a career is a doctor, lawyer, accountant. You don't get told what you can do on the creative side. People see that as a hobby."

Vickie Ridley | CMN Ambassador | Account Director at Lucky Generals

"Through CMN mentoring, I know I’m working at a company that is actively helping others as well as investing in their own employees’ development."

Jagmit | Mentor | Tech Lead

A culture of learning helps talented people have healthy and progressive careers, at whatever stage, and makes them less likely to move elsewhere.

Na'Imah | Mentee | Hackney

"My mentor was an Account Director at Iris. I loved learning about the strategy behind advertising campaigns."

Michael | Mentee | Newham

"I thought that Marketing was one huge department but there's much more to it that I wasn't aware of."

Gareth | Mentor | Creative Director

"I'm a Creative Director at Iris. When I was growing up none of my family went to university. I would have loved to have had a mentor."