CMN’s sessions gave our mentors the confidence to feel like they could support their mentees throughout the creative rollercoaster that is The Kennedys’ Programme.


The Kennedys is Wieden+Kennedy's creative incubator program operating in the Amsterdam, London, Portland, Tokyo, and Shanghai offices. It's W+K's own agency within the agency where new talent gets the chance to work on real assignments with real clients and real deadlines.

The team knew they want Kennedys’ trainees to be supported through their time at W&K. The Kennedys team were ready and willing to support as mentors, but needed guidance and strategies on how to be effective mentors. They commissioned CMN to help develop a structured mentoring programme designed to support diverse talent to develop creative portfolios.


partnership AIMS

Arm mentors with coaching skills and the theory behind social mobility.

Support Kennedy’s interns to do their best work in their placement.





We met with The Kennedys’ team to learn about their new programme and why they wanted their people to mentor, and what support young people needed.


Over a period of 5 months, 3 bespoke sessions were designed for mentors and The Kennedys participants.

Session 1 focused on setting goals and the coaching continuum. Through peer-to-peer practice mentors explored the concepts of social and cultural capital, and their relationship to social justice.

In between both of these sessions, a bespoke session for mentees was held to assess their goals and to provide feedback on how things were working with their mentors.

Session 2 focused on development as a coach. Mentors learned about the GROW model of coaching in the context of young people from low-income backgrounds. They explore levels of listening and Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis Theory through a live listening exercise.

The Kennedys’ mentors left the session feeling confident to apply coaching techniques in future discussions with their mentees.




The Kennedys is a year long programme designed to help young people looking to get into creative advertising, to build a portfolio of work and learn new skills. CMN developed the mentoring skills of the agency’s best people.

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It taught us all to be sensitive and inquisitive, to sometimes just listen rather than problem solve, to remember that we might just learn something new too. We know that what we’ve learnt in that space is stuff that we can take into our work practice too. We can’t thank them enough.
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