Meet our mentors & mentees

Rasheka | Mentee | Holloway

"Vickie took time out to talk to me. I did some production work experience she helped me get. After CMN, I got a job at Warner Music."

Michael | Mentee | Newham

"I thought that Marketing was one huge department but there's much more to it that I wasn't aware of."

Vickie Ridley | CMN Ambassador | Account Director at Lucky Generals

"Through CMN mentoring, I know I’m working at a company that is actively helping others as well as investing in their own employees’ development."

Na'Imah | Mentee | Hackney

"My mentor was an Account Director at Iris. I loved learning about the strategy behind advertising campaigns."

Jagmit | Mentor | Tech Lead

A culture of learning helps talented people have healthy and progressive careers, at whatever stage, and makes them less likely to move elsewhere.

Janelle | Mentee | Hammersmith

"Tom really helped me with my communication. Now I feel much more confident talking about my ideas with people I don't know."

Gareth | Mentor | Creative Director

"I'm a Creative Director at Iris. When I was growing up none of my family went to university. I would have loved to have had a mentor."

Momina | CMN Collective

"At school you get taught a career is a doctor, lawyer, accountant. You don't get told what you can do on the creative side. People see that as a hobby."

We're looking for mentors

We work with companies in the creative industries. Mentors don't need to be in a creative role – their insights and advice will make a difference whatever they do.

Our programmes run for 16 weeks and mentors are likely to meet with students every 1 - 2 weeks.

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