We have a range of services to address socio-economic diversity, to train your employees, and to help your business find the diverse talent you’re looking for. Find out how we can help.

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Mentor Development Programme.

Good people want to work for organisations who invest in their development and the causes they believe in.

We train professionals in coaching skills for effective leadership. Your employees embed and refine their skills through 1:1 sessions with our 16-24 year old talent.

Our programme offers a unique and effective way to build a coaching culture at work, up-skill and retain your top talent, and support a generation of diverse young people into your industry.

One-off inclusion workshops.

Tackle the issues that are driving under-representation in your business, in one day. Our diversity and inclusion workshop focuses on practical steps to make change in your workplace and wider industry.

We look at bias, the causes of under-representation across the creative and tech industries, giving your teams the opportunity to define what inclusion really means in their worlds. We arm you with tools to identify barriers within your organisation and develop solutions that help you achieve your diversity targets.

Creative Mentor Network can host these workshops at your office for groups of up to 25.

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Recruitment services.

Creative Mentor Network is a network of young, diverse talent all interested in opportunities in the creative industries. It exists to promote diversity and help businesses access talent.

We’re not recruiters, but we can help connect you to great people. 

We happen to be very well placed to help you find top talent. 

We help you find diverse talent at a junior level through our network of 600+ young people from diverse backgrounds. Everyone in our network has applied, interviewed, and graduated successfully from our programme: A highly relevant network, actively looking for their next opportunity in the creative industries.


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